Trailers For Sale July 2017

The following trailers are for sale to members in good standing.

Note: The Park office must be notified of all sales. Trailers cannot be used as a permanent residence. The purchaser must sign a Cushing Memorial Park trailer lot lease agreement.

Area 1 Lot 1 & 3 Blue Gill Way: Ed Vicini (770) 402-1517

Area 1 Lot 9 Blue Gill Way: Charles Denton (334) 313-0468

Area 2 Lot 50 Crappie Lane: Melissa McMillan (404) 630-7841

Area 3 Lot 69 Washboard Way: Dan Lotempio (319) 541-6407

Area 4 Lot 21 Sailfish Circle: Eric Ashley (404) 434-8733

For information about listing items for sale please contact Pat via the contact form.

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