By Laws

By Laws

(By Laws – Cushing Park) Revised March 9, 2013


Cushing Memorial Park


Section 1, CUSHING MEMORIAL PARK, Inc – Description

Cushing Memorial Park Inc. is located on lakefront property of Allatoona Reservoir in Cherokee County, 6 1/2 miles west of Canton on Bells Ferry Road. The Park was built and is operated by members in good standing of Cushing Memorial Park. It is a recreational area offering such facilities as cabins, boating, swimming, picnicking and many other recreational activities.  

The Park was designed for the recreation and enjoyment of all members in good standing, their families and friends and is incorporated as a self-supporting non-profit corporation under the laws of the state of Georgia.

Section 2, Organization

The officers of this club consist of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who are elected by a majority vote of the club or represented by proxy at the regular annual meeting and will serve for a period of twelve (12) months.

A. Duties of the Officers:

  1. President – The duty of the president is to preside at all club meetings and to fill a vacancy in any office of the club until an election can be held. Appoint all committees (except such as are otherwise provided for) and to enforce the rules and regulations. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  2. First Vice President- the duty of the First Vice President is to assist the President in the discharge of his duties and, in his absence, act as president.
  3. Second Vice President – The duty of the Second Vice President is to assist the President and First Vice President in the discharge of their duties and in their absence act as President.
  4. Secretary – The duty of the Secretary is to keep a correct roll of all members and the votes of the club, to keep full records of the proceedings of each meeting, to have custody of all records, documents connected with the minutes of the club, give all notices of meetings and, in the case of special meetings, designate the business intended, notify the members of their election to office and their appointment, to serve on committees, to notify each member-elect of his election, notify the treasurer of the election of new members, and to conduct correspondence for the club.
  5. Treasurer – The duty of the Treasurer is to have custody of the funds of the club and collect all the fees and pay all bills contracted by the club when approved by the Board of Governors. Park maintenance expenses do not require board approval. He shall deposit all funds belonging to the club in such bank or other depository as may be approved by the Board of Governors.
  6. Board of Governors – The Board of Governors controls and manages all Park property and funds and is responsible for all duties related to this function.

B. Meetings:

The Officers and Board of Governors will meet at the President’s discretion. Any Officer or Governor who has two unexcused absences from meetings will be automatically removed from the board. The President will, in these cases, appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term. A general membership meeting must be held annually. Officers and Governors will be elected at this meeting. The President calls the annual meeting and a written notice will be circulated at least two weeks prior to this meeting.

The President may call special meetings, either of the Board of Governors or the general membership, at any time. Two weeks notice is required prior to a called meeting of the general membership. Meetings may be called on immediate notice for the Board of Governors.

C. Committees:

The majority of all maintenance and expansion projects are handled through committees to provide greater efficiency. The President shall appoint all committee members. The President or the Committee Chairman at the option of the President may appoint committee members. Committees report all funding and recommendations to the board of Governors, through the Chairman.

The president from the Board of Governors will appoint:

  1. Standing Committees -Certain committees basic to the operation and maintenance of Cushing Memorial Park. These committees must be appointed by the second Board of Governors meeting and will remain in effect until reappointment of the committees the following year; however, the President may replace any member (s) of these committees if he deems such replacement is necessary.Standing Committees are as follows:
    a) Boat Dock Committee – Construction & Maintenance
    b) Boat House
    c) Boat Shed
    d) Campsite (leased)
    e) Concessions, Club House & Pool
    f) Finance
    g) General Utilities (Electrical, Water)
    h) Boat Parking (land)
    i) Membership and Promotion
    j) Park Security and Safety
    k) Planning
    l) Trailer Lots
    m) Cabins
    n) Entertainment
  2. Special Committees – Will be responsible for only the areas of business authorized by the president at the time of the appointment and the members may be appointed from the officers, Board of Governors or general membership. In all cases they shall be responsible in their action to the President and the Board of Governors. At the completion of the assigned business the president will dissolve these committees.


Election of Officers and Governors will be held at the Annual meeting and only members in good standing are eligible to vote. Officers are elected to hold office for one year from the annual meeting until a successor is elected. Out-of-town members will be advised by mail.

Section 3 – Membership

A. Eligibility:

Membership in Cushing Memorial Park, Inc. is open to all US Citizens and legal residents subject to the approval of the Board of Governors and limitations listed below. Membership in Cushing Memorial Park is capped at 350 members. Each year the Board of Governors shall evaluate the park membership and recommend to the annual meeting of the Park any changes in the membership level. At any time the membership level is below 350 then the President and Treasurer of the Park will accept applications for membership upon completion of an application and payment of the required fees and acceptance. All applications should include payment of all applicable fees with the application. Membership is vested in an individual. Membership privileges only extend to the member, their spouse and dependent children between age 16 through 19 (26 with proof of full time student status) Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the Park without the member or spouse present. Membership does not extend to parents, adult children, grand-children, siblings, or other relatives. They may only be in the Park as a guest of a member or member’s spouse who is present at the time. Dependent children are required to be listed on the parent’s membership form of Cushing Memorial Park in order to be able to use the facilities and are bound by the same rules, by-laws and constitution as members.

B. Fees and Dues:

Payment of Dues and Fees – Membership dues may be paid by cash, check, Money Order, or charge card. Make checks and money orders payable to Cushing Memorial Park, Inc.

C. Termination of membership:

If membership in the Park is ceased due to action the Board of Governors or voluntary withdrawal, then no refund of membership fees will be made. Gate cards will be deactivated at the time of termination.

D. Inactive membership – the respective committee chairman must be advised when a member wishes to go on inactive status. Inactive members cannot lease property.

E. Classes of membership.  Membership classes are defined as follows:

Member – Pays full assessments and dues by the first of the fiscal year and may be entitled to one vote at the annual meeting.

Out-Station Member – is defined as a member who maintains a full time residence outside of the state of Georgia and may not rent or lease amenities.  They pay a reduced assessment but are entitled to a vote at the annual meeting.  This position is “grandfathered” and no new Out-Station Members will be granted.

Non-Dependent Member – is a “grandfathered” position and has no voting rights and must be associated with a fully paid membership.  No new Non-Dependent memberships will be granted.

Social Membership – is defined as a short time member with no voting rights.  The Board of Governors will establish policies and procedures for applying for Social Membership and the fees and lengths of said memberships.

Section 4 – Leasing Facilities

All facilities leased from Cushing Memorial Park must be maintained in accordance with the lease, Park Rules, Corp of Engineer rules, and all applicable laws.
Any Modifications to leased property requires the approval of the Board of Governors, the Corp of engineers, and Cherokee County. Request must be submitted in writing to the Board of Governors and approvals received before beginning work. Work done without approval of the Board of Governors is subject to removal at the lessor’s expense. Members desiring to transfer leases must notify the appropriate committee chairman before transferring any lease. Leases may only be transferred to members in good standing.

A. Land Lot Leases

Land Lots may be leased from Cushing Memorial Park on an annual basis with renewal privileges for the following purposes.

  1. House Trailers, which require permanent installation.
  2. Overnight or camping trailers, which do not require permanent installation.

B. Boat Houses

Boat Houses may be leased from Cushing Memorial Park on an annual basis. All boat houses and their permanent fixtures are property of Cushing Memorial Park however; members leasing such boathouses have a renewal option.

Section 5 -Rental Facilities

A. Cabin Units

Cabin units may be rented by the day, week, or month by active members only. The Board of Governors will determine rental rates.
All cabin reservations must be made through the Reservations Office or designee.
All reservations require payment in advance (either by cash, check or credit card) before the reservation will be confirmed.
Cabin rental fees will not be refunded unless cancellation of reservations is made at least one week (5 working days) prior to the scheduled starting date of the rental period.

B. Non-member Groups – $1.00 per person, $25.00 Maximum during regular season. Approval must be obtained through the Treasurers Office at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled visit.

C. Campsites

Overnight campsites are available for rent at fees set by the Board of Governors.



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