Cabin Reservation Request

Reservation Request

    1. Only the member can submit a cabin rental request.
    2. A request for 5 nights or more is allowed anytime during the current calendar year.
    3. A request for less than 5 nights which includes a Holiday  (Memorial Day; Independence Day, Labor Day) must include an entire weekend and cannot be requested more than 30 days in advance.
    4. One night Cabin rentals are discouraged during high season and may not be available when volunteer staffing levels are inadequate.

Guest Rule

    1. The member must physically be in the park for the duration of their designated guests stay and is responsible for them abiding by Cushing Park Rules & Regulations.
    2. If your guest(s) are not comfortable with a family-oriented atmosphere, then do not jeopardize your membership.
    3. Member must meet their Guest at gate when entering and exiting the park. Member should instruct their Guest to wait to the right-hand side of the gate (without blocking traffic flow) until the Member arrives to let their Guest in. Do not tailgate into the park!

Payment Policy

    1. Full payment is required once a reservation offer has been emailed.
    2. Once your payment has been deposited, you will receive a final reservation confirmation by email.

Rates / Fees

    1. Nightly Rate is $40  (Check in – 3:00 pm   Check out – 12 noon)
    2. Pet Fee is an additional $10 per night ($50 Nightly Rate)
    3. There is a $50 fee for a returned check.
    4. There is a $50 cleaning fee for cabins which are not left in a clean ready-to-rent condition plus cost to replace any missing or broken items.

Checkout Rules  (Members please inform your guests they are responsible for cleaning their own cabin)

    1. All furniture must be left intact (not broken)
    2. All rooms must be cleaned and mopped
    3. Refrigerator and stove must be cleaned
    4. All kitchen items must be washed and put away
    5. All windows and screens intact and closed. Blinds open
    6. Lights, Air Conditioner/Heat Pump set in “off” position
    7. Ceiling Fan left in “on” position
    8. Deposit all trash in DUMPSTER located at the park entrance

Refund Policy

    1. Partial refund if your cancellation request is received 2 weeks prior to Check-In date
    2. No refunds for less than 2 weeks notice.

Wi-Fi Access

  1. If your guests plan on using Wi-Fi while staying at the park, then please reference the Wi-Fi registration request.
  2. You must register each Wi-Fi device at least one week prior to your arrival at the park.

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